Sunday, September 25, 2011

#0 - Get Rollin'!

What is the purpose of God’s Quad Workshop?
  1. To show the Bible to be the pinnacle computing manual for every age.
  2. Salt their scripture oats.

Why is GQW so desperately needed?

  1. There are no books that truly link scripture, technology, and missions, where scripture is boldly given the preeminence.
  2. No “computer manuals” that emphasize the highly probable addiction to computers that diverts the user’s conscience from any accountability to God.
  3. Church leaders and parents need GQW lessons to teach others the “alls” of 2Tim 3:16, 17 really deliver on their promise.
  4. We have the authority and responsibility to teach others God’s Word as best we can.

Creation gives us plenty of examples that:

#1 is a good number to represent LEADERSHIP

#2 is a good number to represent FELLOWSHIP

#3 is a good number to represent STRENGTH (triangle, Trinity)

#4 is a good number to represent PROGRESS (advancement)

So lets get thing Rollin’ looking at a really cool movin’ machine, the “Quadrunner” ATV.


2007 Wycliffe Bible stats: (pick choose and include)
Of the 6900 world languages, 1168 have the New Testament and 438 have the whole Bible

The Bible continues to be the most translated book in the world.  (from wikipedia)