Saturday, September 17, 2011

#7 - Get Real! - B

Why the Bible is the supreme computer ‘How-To” manual.

#2 Content
  1. It teaches principles and applications in everyday terms and settings rather than just button-function lessons that make using much easier/faster.

  1. The uses for specific tech cover a broader range of life’s needs… medical, dietary, astronomy, spiritual, judicial, census, categorizing, hierarchy… with more supportive forums, dictionaries, and commentaries than any other publication.
Warnings and Dedication

  1. The Bible addresses the ‘before’, ‘during’, and ‘after’ of computing sessions. Many of them could be considered warnings to think of your computer keyboarding as having great potential for very serious danger to mind and body, right around each corner. The Bible, God’s Computing Manual teaches us by principle and examples of efforts and energies not put in God’s leadership from the very first. The disastrous results of computer use directed only by computing manuals composed by man. Heaven’s computer manual strongly recommends it be fed upon DAILY; not just when a computing difficulty arises.
Tools Required
  1. It’s directions don’t always require a working system nearby.
    List some reasons why this is a great feature of the Bible as being God’s Computing Manual.

Examples of Principles

    5.  How many of these four principles do you suppose would be helpful in your    
      A. Preparation and persona
      B. Database and Leftovers
      C. Searching and Logic
      D. Grouping and storing files

We'll be looking at those computing principles in coming segments.