Monday, September 19, 2011

#6 - Get Ready!

DO or DIE! Your quad engine is giving everything it’s got, as you blast up the take off ramp toward a new state Quad-Jump Record. With your heart pumping as hard as the engine is, your front wheels leave the ramp when your mind flashes you the question, “Did I tighten my steering bolts last night like I talked about doing?The above may not seem like a good example for the importance of keyboard preparation, but it is, in more ways than one.

Someone once said, “The most important part of computing is what is done before you touch the keyboard.” He was referring to preparation. A crucial part of that preparation is called, Computer Grace.

Planning and preparation are actually a little different but cause deadly results when neglected.

Table grace has become an important prelude to our meals. It is a systematic reminder to us and the rest of our family of our gratitude for God’s provision. We practice table grace because Jesus Christ did. He taught His followers this crucial beginning to every meal. Take a moment and review the reasons why you practice table grace.

Now. For the very same reasons, and more, we MUST practice Computer Grace. Scripture makes it very clear that technology comes from God and we are to use it to honor Him as we carry out the Great Commission. (John 1:3) And then in 1st Tim 3:16, 17 we see our operating manual on how to do this is scripture itself.

Our computer grace prayer to God would include:

  • Praise to Him for His Goodness and Who He is.
  • Thanks to Him for His gifts of technology and talents to use it.
  • His leadership in us not wasting our keyboard time and His provisions.
  • To tithe part of our keyboard time to evangelism and our local church.
  • Focus and determination to see the project through.
  • His blessing on the results of our work.

Along with Computer Grace preparation, your computer will never work better than when you keep a Keyboard Bible open next to the keyboard. What follows is a description of the second half of this great Dream Team.

Crucial Equipment for Invading Computer Land

Even though your computer may have installed an electronic Bible including many powerful search features, a keyboard Bible is still required for security and research. This keyboard Bible is just like your favorite Bible with all its paper pages of God’s great promises. It is always open and always within inches of your computer keyboard.

  1. The nearby Bible is a reminder that God’s Word is chock full of principles for efficient computing. It stimulates creative thinking and planning in ways only its Author can.
  2. It is a sentinel or supervisor to guard against computing sessions that are wasteful, lustful, or dishonoring to God in several other ways. Note: Remember the builders of the walls in Nehemiah 4? They worked with their sword by their side. You should too. Yours is the sword of God’s Word.
  3. It is a reminder at the end of your project to ask the Creator of computing to use and bless your efforts. And certainly to reminds you to give Him the glory in your computing. end