Saturday, September 24, 2011

#1 - Get Runnin'!

Four is a good number to associate with progress, vehicles, travel, etc. Thrill junkies often find themselves on a quadrunner ATV. They’ll get you about anyplace except up a waterfall or the top 3% of your Algebra class. Quads are used for farming, cattle ranching, off-road hunting, off-season dog-team training just for starters. (exercise)

Interestingly, quads(4 wheels) are composed of a quartet (4 again) of systems. Each system is unique yet it must work in harmony like a singing quartet. Rom 14, 15

The quartet of quad systems contains Mechanics(motor), Pneumatics(tires), Electronics(GPS), and Hydraulics(shock absorbers).

  • Briefly, the MOTOR delivers the POWER and requires clean fuel, lubricants, must be balanced, and the right size to fit the rest of the quad and rider.
  • The TIRES provide the CONTROL of the quad including the starting, steering, and stopping. Key to their best operation is tread design, size, air pressure etc.
  • Global Positioning System (GPS) uses orbiting satellites to provide NAVIGATION along with other sensors.
  • SHOCK ABSORBERS are seldom seen or heard from, but provide crucial SAFETY to the vehicle and its rider (back and neck injury etc.)

Discuss the strengths, limitations, protection, and maintenance of each of the preceding.

There is a powerful quartet(that’s 4, remember?) that contains good advice for anyone wanting to progress safely…The fun thing is that it’s found in the Bible in Psalms 119:105… but you have to look closely. The verse says, “Thy word is a lamp unto my feet, and a light unto my path.”

“Thy Word” means the Bible. “A lamp unto my feet” helps me:

  1. judge if I am on the path and
  2. the condition of my vehicle, whether it’s jogging shoes, or a quad runner. The “Light unto my path” says that God’s Word (Bible)
  3. shows me the direction of the path God wants me to take. It also promises to
  4. show me what dangers may lie along the path.

So we see then:
For a quad runner to operate, it takes, power, control, navigation, and safety.
For the rider to progress safely, he/she must consider their location, vehicle condition, direction, and dangers. Both of these quartets must never be forgotten or neglected.