Sunday, September 18, 2011

#7 - Get Real! - A

Why the Bible is the supreme computer ‘How-To” manual.
( tie in trivia and principles to keep it all savory.)

#1 - Cost / Accessibility

  1. Cheap doesn’t describe them. With the powerful study add-ons of today’s digital Bibles, you could rightly say they’re cheaper than FREE!
  2. You are expected to share its verses with others.
  3. Most translations of any book
    1. 6 ½ Billion people in the world
    2. 6912 languages spoken in the in the world today (2007)
    3. 438 have whole Bible 1168 have just the new testament

  4. But the big scarcity of scripture that we CAN do something about is in our neighborhoods and cities. There are so many people that feel they can’t understand scripture,
    or that it’s for preachers about long-ago generations and far-away lands.
  5. We (and church leaders) must develop a hunger; an appetizer, inducement, a carrot for scripture with a promise of satisfaction.
  6. Consider also those with health reasons, who have a hunger for hearing the word, but need someone like you to share it with them.

List below some ideas or ways to be able to share God’s rich written promises with others.
Be creative. Think outside the box.

Where could you find neat ways to spread the word?

End of lesson